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Intriguing Story about Fibromyalgia and NUCCA Chiropractic in Calgary, AB

Avoiding Neck Pain And Headaches with the Help of NUCCA in Calgary, AB.

Neck Pain and Hand Numbness Resolved with NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

Dr. Sloane Hunter D.C is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Calgary, Alberta

Neck Pain Resolved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

Concussion Symptoms Dissipate with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

Shoulder, Arm, and Wrist Pain Resolved with NUCCA in Calgary, AB.

Neck Pain Resolved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

Migraine Headaches Resolved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

Travelled from SK to receive NUCCA care

“In 2004 after being hit in the head with a basketball my life changed forever. I became so sick with symptoms of lightheadedness, nervousness, pain all over my body, pain at the base of my skull and jaw, along with stabbing headaches. My heart rate seemed to stay elevated and my blood pressure kept dropping like I was in an elevator. I felt nauseous all the time, extremely weak and overall like my entire nervous system was malfunctioning. I was no longer able to work or care for myself and felt like I was in a constant state of “near fainting”. I saw several medical doctors, tried tons of medication, had many, many tests including CT scans, MRI’s and more. Medical doctors diagnosed me with Post Concussion syndrome with atypical Migraines along with Neurocardiogenic Syncope (a form of Dysautonomia). But they had no cure. I had quit driving, could barely leave the house and I was only 24 years old.

After doing some searching I learned about Upper Cervical Chiropractic. I made an appointment with Dr. Sloane Hunter in Calgary. Our first appointment she explained everything to me about what was happening to my body and my health. After my first NUCCA adjustment, I became so relaxed and got to breathe in a huge breath of air. That night I slept like a baby and woke up refreshed, a feeling that I hadn’t felt in years. That first adjustment gave me such relief, and the hope that I could have my life back. Over the course of my relief care my life slowly came back to me. I can say with the utmost gratitude in my heart that Dr. Hunter saved my life with NUCCA care. I now have 3 beautiful children, work part time and enjoy each day that I have of health. I have held my alignment up to 4 years at a time and have encountered thousands of people with a similar story to mine. I now know there is a huge community of people who have had their quality of life saved by NUCCA care. Dr. Hunter is patient, caring and goes above and beyond for myself and her patients. She truly wants to see each of them get better and is devoted to making that happen. She has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.”

Carmen H.

Very skilled, highly knowledgeable & extremely compassionate!

“Dr Sloane Hunter is wonderful – very skilled, highly knowledgeable & extremely compassionate! She trained as a chiro & then as a NUCCA expert. My wife & I have both benefited greatly from her caring relief over the last several years.
In addition, my orthotics (arch support in shoes) from the same clinic have also worked really well.”

Tom H.

Dr. Hunter is a great doctor

“Dr. Hunter provided excellent service and always gave me extra information about the specifics of the relief care, due to my interest in health and the body. Dr. Hunter is a great doctor and has excellent bedside manner that makes it a joy to see her.”


I couldn’t believe the relief I felt within the next short while

“I suffered a whiplash in 1972. For years, I went to physio, massage, exercises, etc. Nothing really worked. I also went to various chiropractors. Some of the chiropractic adjustments were downright painful and the benefits from them seldom lasted more than a day or two. Sometimes I was worse after the relief care than before. Then my family doctor referred me to a chiropractor whose method involved only the adjustment of the atlas joint. I was very skeptical after my first adjustment as I felt nothing indicating any kind of movement happened and there certainly wasn’t any of the pain I had come to expect with adjustments. I couldn’t believe the relief I felt within the next short while. And from there it just improved after each successive adjustment. I would never go to any other method of chiropractic now that I am aware of this method.”


NUCCA solved my problem

“I find this approach gentle and effective. NUCCA solved my problem, which had become progressively more severe over a ten-year period, and I started only less than six months ago.”


I feel vibrant and happy. WOW!

“I had never heard of a NUCCA chiropractor and I was hesitant of course due to the cost. I had already been to a regular chiropractor and after a year of relief care from injuries of a rear-end car accident, I had no change in my pain, in fact I had more after this time. We decided there was nothing else he could do for me. I figured I’d have to live with this pain. Sloane Hunter understood my concerns and after a great discussion and an informative video of the method, I decided to go ahead with NUCCA relief. I have made the most progress in this last 2 months than I have had in the prior one and a half years. Thank you Dr. Hunter for giving me my life, confidence and inspiration for changing my negative feelings of myself. I went to the gym for the first time in 6 months. I feel vibrant and happy. WOW.”

Annette T.

It can literally change your life.

“I am a person who suffered with headaches starting at the age of 18 after a rear end car accident. In search of relief over a period of 25 years, I tried massage, cranial massage, headache clinics through the hospital, anti-inflammatories, acupuncture, standard chiro vitamins, herbs, diet changes, muscle relaxants and every other thing I could find. None of these things worked for anything more than very short term relief. As one can imagine, daily headaches were not fun and I had to learn to live with them. In 2005 I came upon NUCCA and Dr. Sloane Hunter. She treated me by correcting my alignment for headache relief. The headaches dissipated and have never returned. Twelve years. Hard to believe after all the different relief care I tried. To this day, I find it astounding that she was able to help me so easily and quickly after so much suffering and searching for help. Once Dr Hunter felt I would ‘hold’ the relief, the relief care were no longer needed and she did not keep me coming back unnecessarily. In May 2009 I had a bad fall and my neck was giving me major issues. Once again, she was able to help me. In 2013 I suffered from shoulder/arm pain and went for two relief care. It is now 2017 and I am once again back seeing Sloane for dizzy spells and have had a couple of relief care and have a noticeable improvement already. I can not speak highly enough of her integrity and expertise. As you can see, I have put my faith in Dr Hunter and trust her judgement and honesty. I would recommend her and the NUCCA relief for anyone that suffers from pain. It can literally change your life.”