7-essential-oils-for-fibromyalgia-painFibromyalgia relief in Calgary is possible using essential oils and upper cervical chiropractic. But before we discuss more about these two remedies, let us have a rundown on what fibromyalgia is and its different triggers.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a long-term medical condition that causes pain and general discomfort in different parts of the body. The most common area that fibromyalgia affects are the body’s joints, such as in the knees, hips, elbows, upper chest region, and back of the head. 

What Triggers Fibromyalgia Flare-up?     

Central sensitization is one of the strong possible reasons why fibromyalgia develops. The Upper Cervical Awareness website defines it as a condition in which the central nervous system goes into a perpetual state of wind-up on impulse. In short, the body always overreacts to pain.

This can develop from the following life events that cause traumatic injuries and emotional stress such as:

  • Accidents that lead to injuries
  • Past surgical operations
  • First pregnancy and birth
  • Emotional stress such as a marriage breakup or passing of a family member or a friend

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Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Anyone can get fibromyalgia. Although more women have it, men should also be mindful. Diagnosing fibromyalgia isn’t easy as it requires several tests and ruling out of other diseases. Patients may have to wait months or longer for a diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia often presents itself as deep muscle pain. People who have it may also deal with the following signs and symptoms:

  • Heightened sensitivity to pain
  • Fatigue or extreme tiredness
  • Joint pain and muscle cramps
  • Sleeping problems
  • Memory and concentration problem known as “fibro fog”
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Stomach pain caused by irregular digestion

Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia Pain

These essential oils for fibromyalgia can help alleviate stress and provide temporary relief from chronic pain. Their natural healing properties and health benefits are great, even for those who do not suffer from the condition.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is one of the natural essential oils for fibromyalgia that can help in alleviating the pain it brings. Many fibromyalgia patients have trouble sleeping at night, and lavender can help in that problem. It comes in handy as its aromatic and stress-relieving properties helps patients relax for a more comfortable sleep. 

Peppermint Oil      

Many people living with fibromyalgia have memory and concentration problems often referred to as “brain fog” or “fibro fog” by some experts. Researchers discovered that peppermint oil has benefits such as anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties to help counter the effects of fibro fog and other fibromyalgia symptoms. Peppermint is a natural and essential oil that helps in relieving nerve pains.

Capsaicin Oil     

Capsaicin is derived from chili peppers and is one of the must-try essential oils for fibromyalgia. Patients can directly apply it to the area of pain. It helps by activating anti-inflammatory substances in joints and gives temporary pain relief to patients. Capsaicin oil isn’t only beneficial to people who have fibromyalgia, it can also alleviate pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Cedarwood Oil     

This essential oil for fibromyalgia is from the plant called cedarwood. Researchers from Brazil conducted an experiment on mice, and they discovered that inhaling cedarwood oil alleviates pain by activating a pathway of the brain that deals with pain. In the same study, they found cedarwood oil presented sedative properties that have a calming effect.

Ginger and Citrus Oils     

Ginger and citrus make up a fantastic combination. Not only are they essential oils for fibromyalgia, but they can also help in relieving stress because of their aromatic property. In a study published online, researchers found that ginger and citrus oils help in relieving acute bone fracture pain. So how do they help in fibromyalgia patients? The results of the study suggest that the two can be beneficial if used alongside other relief care that your physicians prescribe you.     

Basil Oil     

Lastly, basil oil is effective in providing pain relief for fibromyalgia patients. Basil oil is commonly found in markets and is priced not only for the taste they bring to food but also for its health benefits. Researchers found that basil oil can reduce inflammation and swelling, and it is an effective remedy for fibromyalgia.  

Reminders Before Trying These Essential Oils

These natural essential oils are quite effective in easing various symptoms of fibromyalgia. However, you should always keep in mind the following before trying out these essential oils for fibromyalgia:

  • Do not ingest these essential oils as they are concentrated.
  • Discontinue its use if you’re allergic or sensitive to one of them.
  • Choose brands that have a high reputation in the market.
  • Always check for negative side-effects after use.

More Than the Effects of Essential Oils

Another natural care option that you can also pursue is upper cervical chiropractic. Not only does it relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia like the essential oils do, but it also addresses the cause of fibromyalgia at its root.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a specific form of chiropractic that concentrates on the C1 and C2 vertebrae of the neck. These bones are critical as they have a role in the brainstem function and blood flow to the brain. When they move out of proper alignment, the body may mistranslate pain signals, leading to the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia. 

If you seek a fibromyalgia relief in Calgary that is long-lasting, reach out to us for an upper cervical chiropractic consultation. You may discover that the correct alignment of the upper neck is the key to natural fibromyalgia relief. We adjust the upper neck bones to bring them back to correct alignment using only low force.

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